“There is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up.” ― John Holmes

What’s important to us at Matildas – Mark and Molly

Fund Raising and helping others has always been very important to us, no matter where we’ve lived in the world.

The previous owners of Matildas developed a rewarding charitable program where funds were raised to be able to provide food parcels to the needy community in Vung Tau and surrounding areas.

It is our desire to continue the tradition and enhance the program and grow it to include even more needy families.

We are humbled to report that with our focused efforts and the generous participation of our loyal customers, we’ve just been able to make a size-able donation to a local orphanage to provide new beds for the children.

This has all happened in the last few short months.

Check out Matildas bulletin board in the bar, you’ll be able to see the progress meter of our current fund raising goal with all funding avenues and totals accounted for.

We couldn’t do it without. Thank You so much for your continued support and participation in blessing others not as fortunate.