Age is a case of mind over matter. If you don't mind, it don't matter..... Satchel Paige

Let us know when your Birthday is and come in for your Birthday gift.


We will help you celebrate!
Enter your details and let us know when the big day is, and when you visit Matildas we’ll shout your first beer or soft drink.

And we won’t stop’ll get a free personal size homemade apple pie and ice cream with a candle in it!

Plus there’s’ll get decked out with a hat and glasses and have a photo opp with you and your mates and it’ll be posted on our Facebook page.

There’s even more....we’ll sing to you!

Are you thinking it’s all a bit overwhelming and/or over the top?

Ok, if you’d prefer, we’ll post your name on our calendar and send an email wishing you well on your special day.

You choose, it’s your choice. But don’t worry, we’ll never sell your information or share anything you don’t want us to.

You don’t even have to tell us your birth year if you don’t want to, just the date will work.

Go ahead and fill your details below and you will be automatically be added to Matildas Birthday Club.

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